watcha m8ey, roll in 2 mah new crib! (Eminem vs Myron Floren)

ere’s my nu pad – make youself at home, roll yer own, watch some QVC or some Shopping Channel – but don’t touch the Playbot channel as dat’s mega $$$ and mah missus would twat me wiv ‘er burberry baseball bat.

2 make u @ home, here’s my old Accordion Polka bootleg that peepz seemed 2 like:

> Just Lose The Accordion (Eminem ‘Just Lose It’ vs Myron Floren, I’m told. I dunno, I just work ere)

Fanks 2 those ‘o played this on Pennsylvania Polka rdio, in Germany, Netherlands and Poland…cheers bruvs (& bruvettes of course!)


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