Florida Ghost Tour (Flo-Rida vs Deadmau5)


One of the new tunes I played in Saarbruecken *cough* sorry DJNoNo played in Saarbruecken – was this new one – I’d not heard Deadmau5’s ‘Ghost n’ Stuff’ – great spooky electro action a la Phantom – but when I did and heard his great Salt n’ Pepa bootleg I thought I could go one better – so here’s one of my guilty pleasures, Low by Flo-Rida with Deadmau5’s ‘Ghost n’ Stuff’ appropriately called ‘Florida Ghost Tour’

Florida Ghost Tour (Flo-Rida vs Deadmau5)

DRM Bombscare – Julie A in da hizzle! (Sound of Music vs 2 Bad Mice)


Some1 slipped me sum Rohynolz n’ bundled me in da boot (car, not bootlegz) n’ next fing I knew I woz in Germanyland, in Sourbroken or somefink. N’ forced at sausage-point 2 do a set, n’ ting for Innernational Mashy Bashy, sausage & mash? Aye dunno, maybe twas dose funny robots 4 Mash get Smash?

So eye came up wiv dis Do Re Mi versuss mah favurite shawty, Juleeee! So 2 Bad Mice get down with teh Maiden ov Musicals, Miss Julie Andrews & dey both ‘ave a rave. Dey liked it in Germany, like, so aye got to go home n’ not turned in2 bangers or swine flew or somefink. Woohoo!

But nice sausages, dose. Not sure about teh mash…but bring on teh gravys!

DRM Bombscare (2 Bad Mice vs Julie Andrews & sum annoying kidz, nevah alllow dem at a rave!)

Ere’s teh vido – FOX didnae like it, apparuntly.

640×480 h264 Quicktime MOV s’ere.

Shut Up And Ting – Ting Tings vs Shut Up And Dance


As part of my run up to DJing in Saarbruecken, Germany next weekend (I’m on at 1am Saturday – well it’ll be Sunday by then – 16th May, Room 1 at the 6nul3 club, just before Pilchard and the Who Boys! You can see the flyer here) I’ve been producing quite a few mashups and getting back into the swing of things, along with doing some mashups for the 72 project (Timbearland and Instamatic are me ;-).

Here’s one I may not play in Saarbruecken – it doesn’t currently fit in my set, but if the response is good I might play it 🙂 It’s a A vs B of the Ting Ting’s Great DJ (7th Heaven Mix) which sounded a bit empty to me so I make it more squelchy, harder, more uptempo and nu-breaksy by adding Shut Up And Dance’s ‘Make the Needle Jump’ from their last excellent album ‘The Great British Public’. I hope you enjoy, and maybe will see some of you in Saarbruecken? Certainly I have several new tracks, an audio-visual extravaganza and a cracking set.

Oh and to those few who might have heard this before, this is the Mastered version, LOL.

Shut Up And Ting (Ting Tings vs Shut Up And Dance).