Captain Obvious – The Light of Pleasure (Scissor Sisters vs FGTH)

Captain Obvious - The Light of Pleasure (Scissor Sisters vs FGTH) lightofpleasure

Third act: Our hero Captain Obvious travels to Ancient Greece and Babylon in search of Dionysus, Apollo, Silenus and Bacchus for a Bacchanal and to Xanadu where did Kublai Khan a pleasure dome erect (trans: a right royal knees up).

OK it’s not as pretentious as it sounds, but then again not many bootlegs contain quotations from Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy, Coleridge’s Kubla Khan, Dionysus, Babylon, Geoffrey Palmer AND Ian McKellen? Actually it’s a party record containing the new Scissor Sisters track ‘Invisible Light’ which is obviously a rip of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredome’ – even down to the speaky bit. So I’ve reunited them via the Thomas Shumacher and Fruitness mixes of FGTH, and the Siriusmo and original mixes of Invisible Light in two parts.

First is the shorter radio* mix without the intros, slightly different structure at 4:40 – enter stage left the Silenus in Shorts mix:

Captain Obvious – The Light of Pleasure (Silenus in Shorts mix)

And the finale is my homage to the ZTT production team and their long extended DJ mixes I grew up with, usually including quotations (hence the Birth of Tragedy from the Fruitness mix – but both songs mention Dionysus/Bacchus too interestingly) so this at 7:33 is the Dionysus vs Apollo full length DJ mix.

Captain Obvious – The Light of Pleasure (Dionysus vs Apollo full mix)

Coming to an orgy near you…hopefully 😉

* if I ever got played on radio that is…hurrumph. Actually the first Captain Obvious track was played on German radio on Mash Up Your Boots radio – thanks Dr Waumaui / Morgoth!

Quickie #2 – Captain Obvious Strikes Back – Self Couleur (Laura Branigan vs Crookers ft Yelle)

Quickie #2 - Captain Obvious Strikes Back - Self Couleur (Laura Branigan vs Crookers ft Yelle) SELFCOULEUR

Another slice of cheesy rather obvious dancefloor fun from Captain Obvious – this time inspired by DJ Schmolli’s excellent Joan Jett vs Crookers ft Yelle mashup, I’d not heard the Crookers track before and immediately thought Laura Branigan’s hand-punching classic ‘Self Control’.

So here it is – not exactly genre-defining, full of cheese du guilt and probably not that original. I’d store it behind the breadbin and only get it out secretly on Sundays if I were you.

Oh I hope you like the artwork, again by the legendary JCBF Productions – last seen on those classic compilation cassettes in the early 90’s, they’ve come out of retirement just for the ol’ Cap’n.

This one also goes out to Felix Five 😉

Self Couleur (Laura Branigan ‘Self Control’ vs Crookers ft Yelle – Cooler Couleur (Junkie XL mix))

EDIT: I completely forgotten I made a video for this back during Kleptonite…with footage from the original William Friedkin video mixed with Dario Argento’s Phenomena aka Creepers.

Quickie #1: Fela Down The Chippy (Swears He’s Hot) – Fela Kuti vs Hot Chip

Quickie #1: Fela Down The Chippy (Swears He's Hot) - Fela Kuti vs Hot Chip felachippy

First quickie mash as part of Jez CMP’s Weekend Challenge (to create a bootleg in a weekend) and as I don’t release things enough (sit on them for months > years) I thought like the CO bootleg to just get this out there to the usual deafening silence 😛

The instrumental given was Hot Chip’s ‘One Pure Thought’ and it’s afrobeat drums reminds me of Fela Kuti, the king of Afrobeat, so here it is mashed with ‘Lady’ and a little bit of ‘Schuffering and Schmiling’. Given the sources probably about 0.5 people will get it, but if it makes one person (or 0.5 of one) check out Fela’s back catalogue such as Black President then job’s a good ‘un.

Oh and usual pop service will continue shortly 😉

Fela Down the Chippy (Swears He’s Hot) – Fela Kuti vs Hot Chip