Raiders of the Lost Mashup 2: Blue Robot Love

The second in this series is a history of many versions dating back to when Röyksopp ft Robyn’s ‘Girl and the Robot’ was current in 2009, mashing it with Blue Monday by New Order and Candi Staton’s You Got The Love…the problem sometimes is you do a mashup and it almost works but something about the acapella bugs you, in this case it’s being driven mad by the bells, the bells! from the Candi Staton original ‘You Got The Love’ acapella. I did toy with using Florence and the Machine’s version but one listen revealed how horribly out of tune she is so I wasn’t going to touch that with a bargepole.

Also in this case I did the demo and stupidly didn’t save that version, so about version 2 or 3 I actually preferred the original, with no way of going back – hence why I include the demo here, it’s less structured and rough but there was something about the production I preferred and had a lot of difficulty trying to recreate! Also included is the Dub version with no Candi Staton…which is the 3rd version, so the timeline is Demo – 1st version, Dub – 3rd version, the final version is 4th. A version excursion so to speak! I’d listen to the final 4th version first…

Instamatic – Blue Robot Love

Instamatic – Blue Robot Love (Dub)

Instamatic – Blue Robot Love (Original demo)

Raiders of the Lost Mashup 1: Dubble Blow Job

There are LOTS of mashups I haven’t released for various reasons over the last few years – either they’re not quite there, or they were for things that didn’t happen, or exclusives, or just didn’t get round to posting them. Problem with working in the digital age is you can be a perfectionist, but sometimes that really gets in the way, Kate ‘Decade per album’ Bush style.

So I’m having a clear out of my Mashup Cupboard, My OOK of the Convenant (hoho) – the quality will range from 99% there or perfectly playable to more rougher ideas and demos I won’t probably finish.

First up is Dubble Blow Job from 2009 – a mashup I did on spec for an Outsider Music mashup album that someone was arranging which never seemed to happen (?) – I’m a massive Bruce Haack freak and so jumped at the chance to use on of my favourite ‘outsider’ musicians, mashing his Blow Job from his last posthumously released Haackula album with RAH Band’s ‘Is Anybody There?’ which is also a rather odd attempt at synth-dub from their first LP and Disrupt’s ‘Jah Red Gold and Green’ from the excellent Foundation Bit 8-bit dub album.

It works although still not happy with the mastering, it really does have a nice curiously traditional dub reggae feel to it, it’s close in feel to White Witch Dub – loads of effects and filter sweeps and the like.

Instamatic – Dubble Blow Job

New video for Captain Obvious – Light of Pleasure! (Scissor Sisters vs Frankie Goes to Hollywood)

New video for my Scissor Sisters vs FGTH mash ‘The Light of Pleasure’ – I’ll save you the bumf about how and why, apart from it features one of my favourite directors, Kenneth Anger and some Len Lye influenced jiggery-pokery from Instamatic…which is also me! Confusing this multiple alias lark…