Raiders of the Lost Mashups 4: Party Groove

Every DJ or mashup artist has special tracks they do for an event or just special battle weapons, not full releases or tracks just a combination or mix that works on a dancefloor rather than listening in headphones…this is one of those, done for Bootie London as a quickie but I think it’s a fun track, it’s not big or clever or ‘genre defining’ or someshit and will sink like a stone when everyone’s forgotten LMFAO (please do) but until then that Party Rock Anthem just SO reminds me of Madonna’s Into the Groove…

Captain Obvious – Party Groove

Raiders of the Lost Mashups: Whiskey On My Mind

Here is part 3 of the Raiders of the Lost Mashups series, a demo – a mashup of Pet Shop Boys ‘Always on my Mind’ vs Thin Lizzy’s “Whiskey in the Jar’.

I don’t usually post demos, I kind of rankle against the idea that people hear my dirty laundry, but in this case the dirt is pretty much not of my doing as there isn’t a clean acapella nor multitrack of the Thin Lizzy track – I so desperately wanted this to work when I first heard it, but alas the guitar won’t seperate and a lovely aside is that ringing tone created I think by the harmonics of said guitar, and a few other lovely clashes because of that….*sigh*. I think though it’s a great idea, and one day….if that acapella / multi ever does pop up, bagsy first go!

Instamatic – Whiskey on My Mind (Demo)