Wedding Hounds – Futureheads vs Billy Idol (for Ian and Naomi)

Another mashup I forgot to post was the special mashup I made for the wedding of sometime Radio Clash co-host Ian Fondue and the lovely Naomi…it’s a mix of Billy Idol’s White Wedding and Futurehead’s Hounds of Love – the latter cos it’s a real Crimes Against Pop track and they met at the club (I was a semi-regular there too – it’s very missed!).

Instamatic – Wedding Hounds (Futureheads vs Billy Idol)

Her Breath Is The Wind (Rhiannon’s Breath) – Sia vs Fleetwood Mac

A rarity a new mashup from me…a sequel of sorts to the Golden Mirror this I think works better…it’s Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon vs Sia’s Breathe Me, a simple A vs B but I think has a great ambient mood, and makes me think of birds and wind and welsh goddesses.

tbc aka Instamatic – Her Breath Is The Wind (Rhiannon’s Breath)

Imagery is provided from Egypt, a collage of photographs I took of birds at Abu Simbel – keeping it related, pagan wise 😉

EDIT: And it now has a video:

tbc aka Instamatic – the Golden Mirror

Not sure if this should belong in the tbc or the Instamatic realm, it’s ambient so filed it under tbc. I’d thought I’d posted this, actually it was only posted on Twitter and Facebook just before I left for Egypt in November.

This is a rarity for me – an Elbow bootleg (!) given my “love” for that band but the music is really good here and bonus you don’t get to hear Guy Garvey wail. I’ve paired ‘Mirror Ball’ with Fleetwood Mac’s Gold Dust Woman, gives it an eery edge and as the original blurb for this said on Facebook it’s dedicated to Hathor, Mami Wata and Hatshepsut.

tbc aka Instamatic – the Golden Mirror