Sorry We Are Closed sign

The man there said the music wouldn’t play

Click…click…click yourself under…

Time to delete, time to forget, nothing to see here.

No, not been hacked, but after 12 years decided to shut up shop, and remove all my mashups – partly because of Soundcloud, but it’s time, burnt out and tired of the shit, and want to move on. Might be back, might go the way of the podcast…gone forever. Same applies to my YouTube and Vimeo channel – video mashups for others stay but mine are gone everywhere else, only left the few mashups for album compilations since gaps there would look odd!

Mashups – nagiutb, 2015 RIP.

I know for a fact quite a few people in the original bootleg scene won’t shed a tear (still happy to use my photographs, or get free camera or graphics work…well good luck with that now!). Ah well, fuck them. As Radiohead put it so well ‘But who are my real friends? Have they all got the bends?’ – the ones who are my real friends, know who they are or I’m still talking to. The fake ones who gave the O’Jays song it’s name are all Ctrl-Alt-Delete from my life, far too toxic.

You don’t want to know, just keep believing the mashup world was warm and cuddly and nice, it looked so on the outside, in fact those inside took so many pains to make it look so.

See you around.



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