ArABBAian Disco (ABBA vs Ihsan Al-Munzer) mashup cover

ArABBAian Disco (ABBA vs Ihsan Al-Munzer)

ArABBAian Disco (ABBA vs Ihsan Al-Munzer) mashup cover

This is for the current Crumplbangers challenge that ToTom has set for using unmashed or undermashed artists. So ToTom you want deep digging? Well what about middle eastern funk/disco with ABBA? (yes don’t forget international/non-English speaking artists are very much unmashed too).

I am big fan of 70’s and 80’s middle eastern music especially if it’s disco, electronic or funk, mostly cos of my trip to Egypt many moons ago, and so is DJNoNo.

Ihsan Al-Munzer was a Iraqi-born Lebanese composer with a long many decade career – sadly he died in August. Some might recognise this track – it’s one of Radio Clash‘s beds I use pretty frequently. Jamileh means “beautiful” in Persian.

DJNoNo – ArABBAian Disco (Gimme A Beautiful Arab Man After Midnight) (ABBA vs Ihsan Al-Munzer)


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