Instamatic - Rainy Lovesong (Eurythmics vs The Cure) mashup

Rainy Lovesong (Eurythmics vs The Cure)

Who knew Annie Lennox was a goth?

I was never a massive Cure fan, but I was a big Eurythmics fan as a kid, and I think the darkness and goth side to their music is a bit lost in the shiny electro stylings, but it’s more evident in their earlier tracks like this one and Julia.

This one I am surprised no-one has done before, as far as I know – and yes I’ve searched deeply.and not found anything except some piano/guitar medley arrangements, nothing using the original tracks – which before AI would have been pretty impossible.

Yes it’s not a massive genre clash, not even an era clash – but it works so well. And the videos are completely in sync too – so I’ve made a rare step of making a video and the artwork and the mashup and releasing them all at once.

And this is also available at the Internet Archive – planning to upload new videos over there as well from now on.

Instamatic – Rainy Lovesong (Eurythmics vs The Cure)


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