Marvin Gayle (Gayle vs Marvin Gaye)

Instamatic Marvin Gayle (Gayle vs Marvin Gaye) ABCDEFU What's Going On mashup bootleg bastard pop soul fuck you

I was trying to make Gayle vs Gaye Bykers On Acid – dunno why but given this is probably the best thing I’ve done this year, I’ll take it. Had fun recreating the cover as well, finding that rather odd Germanic typeface.

I did google/YT it, I don’t think it’s been done….She goes all soulful, her singing seems to suit a slower tempo, all drawn out. I didn’t like ABCDEFU when I first heard it, but it’s grown on me.

Marvin Gayle (ABCDEFU vs Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On)

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