Instamatic Neon Sex People (Neon Neon vs Depeche Mode and Latour) mashup video

Neon Sex People (Neon Neon vs Depeche Mode and Latour)

Neon Sex people cover

OK this was premiered at CMP 9 – I think this is fairly obvious and hope no-one has already done it, I finished it several weeks ago and have been scared since then someone would do it as well!

Basically the new Neon Neon (Gryff from Super Furry Animals and Boom Bip) is ace, but the track ‘I Lust U’ is more than slightly influenced by a certain Depeche Mode track, so I’ve mashed People are People and I Lust U together, with occasional interventions from Latour’s People Are Still Having Sex.

I think it’s brill and one of my best, but then I would would’nt I?

Neon Sex People (Neon Neon vs DM vs Latour)

And it now has a video:


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  1. […] and Dan Phillips to my attention. Imagine Depeche Mode (for I am a rabid fan of this track hence my Neon Sex People mashup) doing a christmas song, it’d probably sound like […]

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