Peaches n’ Orbs (Roy Orbison vs Peaches)

OK so I might not be an Outkast obsessive but I am a Peaches fanatic and have used her in at least 4 mashups before now – but none as weird as this. It came to me where I was working at the time there was a 60’s golden oldie station and Roy Orbison’s ‘You Got It’ came on…and it shows you my warped mind that my first response was ‘that’s the same beat as Peaches’ ‘Set it Off’….so Peaches n’ Orbs was born.

It was played (badly by me) at Bastard in February 2004, it went down well despite my nervously bad DJing…I have become slightly better at it since then. 😀

Peaches n’ Orbs

3 thoughts on “Peaches n’ Orbs (Roy Orbison vs Peaches)

  1. love thiS!! AND for a countrry grrl this is well ok. i had the record by the Big O and this gives it a kick up the y33333333333333333333ehaaaaaaa

  2. fucking love this ,, in my top ten for all time favorite boots.. never fails to put a smile on my face 🙂

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