Nasty Chewing Girls (Vanity 6 vs Annie)

In 2010 I’m planning to release the backlog of mashups that got to the sort-of-finished stage and I left due to apathy re: making the covers, mastering (how I HATE mastering – the 7″ version of this took 3 tries!) etc.

So here’s the first, a mashup idea that unusually came from someone else – namely Jeb 50PoundNote who asked why isn’t there a Nasty Girls vs Chewing Gum mashup in existence? A very good question indeed, and here’s the answer:


This comes in two flavours, the ‘7″ Juicy Fruit’ mix and the ’12” Bubblicious Genius mix’ – not edits actually totally different mashups, second one I did first as I didn’t have the Chewing Gum instrumental (it’s on the flip side of the 7″) so I used the Headman Dub and Mix, but then Gavin Reborn Identity kindly provided it to me so hence the other version. The DJ version is of course faster, about 126bpm if memory serves, and as Chewing Gum is seriously influenced by Tom Tom Club’s Genius of Love I added a bit of my favourite intro to that song and little bits scattered throughout.

Big thanks to Jeb, Gav and Thomas who apparently couldn’t stop dancing along (that is praise indeed :-D)

Nasty Chewing Girls (7″ Juicy Fruit mix – Vanity 6 ‘Nasty Girls’ vs Annie ‘Chewing Gum’)

Nasty Chewing Girls (12″ Bubblicious Genius mix – Vanity 6 ‘Nasty Girls’ (That’ll Work remix) vs Annie ‘Chewing Gum’ (Headman Dub & mix) & Tom Tom Club – Genius of Love (extended))

UPDATE: Annie Strand herself (if it is her official account) tweeted about this mash! Woohoo! Thanks 😀 Glad you like it.

Long mixes (Cuddle The Present, R-House, I Hate Jazz, Punk mix)

Cuddle kitties!!!!1111

Cuddle kitties!!!!1111

There’s a new long mix – Cuddle the Present out now, done for 50 Pound Note podcast including a cast of millions:

Phantom (Faex Edit) by Justice
Freak Up The Love by Celebrity Murder Party
Steam And Sequins For Larry Levan by Matmos
The Island That Loves by Totom
The Future (Mark Moore Remix) by Prince
Chikki Chikki Ahh Ahh by Baby Ford
NRG (Act Of Dog’s Acidtonic Mix) by Adamski
Charly The Cat by Elbarto & Liam B
I Like Starsky’s Moves by Pilchard
Peaches vs, Kinks white label (PFF Re-edit)
We Rocked Your Friend’s Body by Josh Console
Fa Fa Fa by Datarock
Do Re Me, So Far So Good by Carter USM
Jet Boy, Jet Girl by Elton Motello
Tainted Love by John B featuring Marcy Meow
Harlesden (Cyantific Remix) by London Elektricity
Hopping + Wiggling by David Shrigley
Beauty Queen by Roxy Music
Scribbling by David Shrigley

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