Something About The Wikka Cat (Evasions vs Doja Cat vs Daft Punk)

Something About The Wikka Cat (Evasions vs Doja Cat vs Daft Punk) something about the wikka cat

A finally one I’m really proud of and was the only real ‘exclusive’ in my Crumplstock set (the others being unreleased things a few people had heard). I’ve always wanted to make a Chic vs DP bootleg, so I did it via the back door! I heard Doja Cat while dancing at one of the last Duckie clubs and started singing Wikka Wrap by the Evasions over it (shout out to Rhythm Scholar whose remix of Coolio’s 1,2,3,4 reminded me of it recently).

When I got home, I tried it and it worked! And of course it directly references Good Times, and then I found that Something About Us vocals worked with that, so it’s the most funkiest and smoothest summeriest mashup I’ve ever done.

Instamatic – Something About The Wikka Cat (Evasions vs Doja Cat vs Daft Punk)

Whispering Forests and Paranoid Androids

Hardcure was a ‘unhappy hardcore’ Cure project that never happened. This is the final version, but I’m posting the original demo as well cos they are radically different – the one I played at Crumplstock is the second version, the one you might have heard on Dunproofin’s streams is the demo.

BTW Whispering Grass is one of my favourite songs of all time, of course these two are from AInt Half Hot Mum, I still quote Winsor Davies all the time. It was supposed to be quite Crumpl but ended up quite….spooky? So I amplified that with some speech from Night of The Demon – also sampled by Kate Bush for Hounds of Love, fact fans! It’s apparently one of her favourite movies.

DJNoNo – Let’s Go To A Whispering Forest (The Cure vs Jimmy J & Cru-L-T vs Winsor Davies and Don Estelle)

Whispering Forests and Paranoid Androids whispering forest

Hardcure was a ‘unhappy hardcore’ Cure project that never happened, you might have heard this version on Dunproofin’s stream; it was really a demo at this point, but I’m releasing both the demo and the final version cos they are radically different – the one I played at Crumplstock is the second version.

DJNoNo – Let’s Go To A Forest (Hardcure Demo) (The Cure vs Jimmy J & Cru L-T)

Whispering Forests and Paranoid Androids marvin paranoid

An epic mashup – Radiohead’s Paranoid Android mixed with the depressed robot that inspired that title from Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – 3 songs from him in fact. Yes Marvin did several singles in the 80’s – well Stephen Moore did as Marvin.

I suspect someone might have done one of the tracks, I doubt they would have done all 3.

For the Crumplbangers Character Challenge – it was 2nd.

DJNoNo – Marvin The Paranoid Android (Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy vs Radiohead)

And BONUS from another robot, a small less depressed red one, s this frankly silly DJNoNo Theme Song ffrom last year I never uploaded, intended as an intro to DJNoNo but got played at Crumplstock 10 so now uploading it. It’s silly and a bit OOK.

DJNoNo – NoNo Limits (2Unlimited vs Ulysses 31)

DJNoNo at Crumplstock 9: Angry & Anti

Crumplstock 9 DJNoNo Anti Angry Set mashup plunderphonic mashcore does it bang gabba breakcore bootleg white label disco cover

DJNoNo’s Anti Angry set (starts 7 mins in) for the still-going Crumplstock 9 is up – yes didn’t take him weeks to post it! And he goes HARD and intense and fast – think silly plunderphonic mashcore, donk, Does It Bang?, gabba, breakcore, bootleg, white label, classical techno, even a bit of disco and strange Xtian music. And that’s just the danceable bits.

Extreme BPMs, dumb noise and very angry and a wee bit offensive. To anyone with ears, basically. Can you survive the DJNoNo Set Survival Challenge?

It’s made of WRONG. So it’s very crumpl. pure Crumplbangers! ;-(

Download it here (59:32. 87MB) or listen to past Crumplstock sets here (weirdly I never really posted the older mixes here, but over at Radio Clash – not sure why)

  • SPYRO – Nobody Likes The Records
  • Phil Mac – Welcome To The Jungle
  • Malcolm Middleton And David Shrigley – When Words Fall In A Toast
  • Spongebob Squarewave – Feel Da Luv
  • Audiotist – Gimme Gimme
  • G3RSt – Gimme Pussy! (ABBA vs. Rammstein)
  • Little Marcy – I Love Little Pussy
  • JAKAZiD – Donk Español
  • Petrol Hoers – Baby Donk
  • DJNoNo – Eva’s Polkka Donk Troosers (Bilal Göregen vs Donald Where’s Your Troosers vs Donk)
  • Classical Techno – Vivaldi 2000 (club mix)
  • Edwin Triumph – Music Banger
  • rastatroll – Big Up (feat general levy)
  • JAKAZID – Wanasthasia (T99 vs. Spice Girls)
  • Alien Hand – Zaggacore
  • Katy Stott – Chirpy Chirpy Cheep (Disco Version)
  • Rokhausen – Pianomang
  • DJNoNo – Leave Home For A Watermelon Tonight (Too Busy Edit) (Savoy Havana Band vs Chemical Brothers)
  • Dsico – Compton Magic (N.W.A. vs. Olivia Newton-John)
  • Sarah Brightman – Who Wants To Live Forever (Xenomania Club Mix)
  • Moped – Livin’ on A Prayer
  • GFOTY – GFOTY – Creep (Ur A)
  • Spongebob Squarewave – Witney Riddim
  • pomDeter – Annie’s Napalm