TV Nation (Daft Punk vs Spearhead vs Montrose)

Instamatic TV Nation (Daft Punk vs Spearhead vs Montrose) mashup cover

TV Nation is a mashup that has been hanging around in multiple demo forms since 2008, now thanks to better stems and acapellas it’s finished (I know I said I retired but this was an opportunity too good to miss, always wanted this to work – also always wanted to do a good Daft Punk mashup). It’s Daft Punk – Television Rules The Nation vs Spearhead’s Rock The Nation vs Montrose – Rock The Nation and a few bits from the Beatnigs / Disposable Heroes of Hiphopcrisy – Television Drug of the Nation.

And it’s oddly topical now, with Donald Trump and the presidential elections coming up, the lines about media manipulation and fat tycoons, people staying in their bubble and not wanting to step out of it. Sadly still very current.

Thanks go out to DJ Schmolli, Ian Fondue, Jez Celebrity Murder Party and Lee Spoons for their advice and help.

Download: Instamatic – TV Nation (Daft Punk vs Spearhead vs Montrose)

Quickie #2 – Captain Obvious Strikes Back – Self Couleur (Laura Branigan vs Crookers ft Yelle)

Quickie #2 - Captain Obvious Strikes Back - Self Couleur (Laura Branigan vs Crookers ft Yelle) SELFCOULEUR

Another slice of cheesy rather obvious dancefloor fun from Captain Obvious – this time inspired by DJ Schmolli’s excellent Joan Jett vs Crookers ft Yelle mashup, I’d not heard the Crookers track before and immediately thought Laura Branigan’s hand-punching classic ‘Self Control’.

So here it is – not exactly genre-defining, full of cheese du guilt and probably not that original. I’d store it behind the breadbin and only get it out secretly on Sundays if I were you.

Oh I hope you like the artwork, again by the legendary JCBF Productions – last seen on those classic compilation cassettes in the early 90’s, they’ve come out of retirement just for the ol’ Cap’n.

This one also goes out to Felix Five 😉

Self Couleur (Laura Branigan ‘Self Control’ vs Crookers ft Yelle – Cooler Couleur (Junkie XL mix))

EDIT: I completely forgotten I made a video for this back during Kleptonite…with footage from the original William Friedkin video mixed with Dario Argento’s Phenomena aka Creepers.