Shut Up And Ting – Ting Tings vs Shut Up And Dance


As part of my run up to DJing in Saarbruecken, Germany next weekend (I’m on at 1am Saturday – well it’ll be Sunday by then – 16th May, Room 1 at the 6nul3 club, just before Pilchard and the Who Boys! You can see the flyer here) I’ve been producing quite a few mashups and getting back into the swing of things, along with doing some mashups for the 72 project (Timbearland and Instamatic are me ;-).

Here’s one I may not play in Saarbruecken – it doesn’t currently fit in my set, but if the response is good I might play it 🙂 It’s a A vs B of the Ting Ting’s Great DJ (7th Heaven Mix) which sounded a bit empty to me so I make it more squelchy, harder, more uptempo and nu-breaksy by adding Shut Up And Dance’s ‘Make the Needle Jump’ from their last excellent album ‘The Great British Public’. I hope you enjoy, and maybe will see some of you in Saarbruecken? Certainly I have several new tracks, an audio-visual extravaganza and a cracking set.

Oh and to those few who might have heard this before, this is the Mastered version, LOL.

Shut Up And Ting (Ting Tings vs Shut Up And Dance).