Easy On Me Man Child (Adele vs Kate Bush)

tbc aka Instamatic - Easy On Me Man Child (Adele vs Kate Bush) mashup

This is one of the many ‘lost’ challenge tracks I either didn’t post at all, or posted over at Sowndhaus and didn’t post here. Not sure why, I know at the time the vocal sounded slightly off to me, then again Adele is all E M O T I O N A L in this track, so it’s *elmo shrug* from me why I did that. The surprising thing is that I made artwork for it, those tracks usually get posted as I only do that for tracks I think are good.

While idly singing Easy on Me I started hearing the piano to Man With The Child In His Eyes.

Technically this shouldn’t work, and almost (and probably) doesn’t. Either a good lesson that you should ‘try’ things rather than relying on Tunebat/Googling keys, or a trainwreck lesson that you can’t force things.

Not sure which it is at the moment, but putting it out there anyway because I think it works enough. And there aren’t enough Kate Bush mashups in the world!

tbc aka Instamatic – Easy On Me Man Child (Adele vs Kate Bush)

Stranger Things – Kate Bush vs Depeche Mode

Instamatic - Policy of Running Depeche Mode Running Up That Hill Policy of Truth Kate Bush Stranger Things

Edit – and now with video! Spoilers if you haven’t watched Stranger Things 4, so be warned.

Those of you who are watching ST4 will know what this is about…a very emotional scene (no spoilers!) using Kate Bush- Running Up That Hill (and further used in the series frequenty). The choice of Depeche Mode is because the lyrics fitting that episode perfectly – other songs were not a thematic match.

I debated whether to post this, as its NOT a tribute mashup but it just happened that Depeche Mode works best with Running Up That Hill – and it’s such an obvious mash it’s probably been done before (I couldn’t find one though) and as Running Up That Hill is shooting up the charts and this moment will be gone shortly,

And seems a bit unfair on the surviving members of a band to basically ban them cos one member had died? I don’t like or feature mashups that are posted immediately after a death, in the first day or so…it’s been longer than that since Andy Fletcher sadly died.

Anyway, Depeche Mode fans seem OK with it, and it’s been received very well on Sowndhaus and Bootie’s mashup page, so unlike a lot of random stuff that’s hiding over at the Sowndhaus page I thought I’d post this first. I need to update the highlights here – got a lot of things to post and a big Pride-related post tomorrow.

Instamatic – Policy of Running (Depeche Mode vs Kate Bush from Stranger Things)

Wedding Hounds – Futureheads vs Billy Idol (for Ian and Naomi)

Wedding Hounds - Futureheads vs Billy Idol (for Ian and Naomi) weddinghounds

Another mashup I forgot to post was the special mashup I made for the wedding of sometime Radio Clash co-host Ian Fondue and the lovely Naomi…it’s a mix of Billy Idol’s White Wedding and Futurehead’s Hounds of Love – the latter cos it’s a real Crimes Against Pop track and they met at the club (I was a semi-regular there too – it’s very missed!).

Instamatic – Wedding Hounds (Futureheads vs Billy Idol)