• Happy XMash & A Kodiak Moment New Year

    Happy XMash & A Kodiak Moment New Year

    Xmash – Christmas Mashups and Covers by fingertrouble aka Reality Engine Part of a series called ‘let’s make the life hard of those who finished their festive mashup compilations in October’, – finally live, the Xmash compilation new and old Christmas Classics in ‘high’ quality – well we are in part talking DJNoNo here so […]

  • DJNoNo @ Crumplstock 2020

    DJNoNo @ Crumplstock 2020

    aahoy m8eeys! NoNo No NOOOOOO! I am ALIVE! No COVEFE-19 shiz wiv me! COUGH COUGH oh noes… Just bin hiding on me topical aisland, wiv my botty treizure and faxxing a pile of hot steaming meeja to Crinklestuck 1820 or summat which ya can hear below. Boom Boom INNA DA NAPOLEON! DOWNLOAN HERZEZ: CrumplStock 2020: […]