Golden Beard (Blur Parkspliced B-side – Blur vs Nina Simone vs Slowdive)

Parkspliced main over by Tim Baker

As mentioned over at my Instamatic blog I was involved with the Blur remix album, Parkspliced. I also did a mashup of one of the b-sides from Parklife, which was probably the best mashup I did for that project, or possibly the best one I’ve done, period.

I quite wisely avoided using all but 2.1 seconds of the Blur track which was a terrible modern jazz wankathon; and mixed in other beard/hair related tracks, namely Nina Simone’s cover of the folk standard ‘ Black is the color’ and Slowdive’s cover of Sid Barrett’s ‘Golden Hair’ in honour of my partner John (who does indeed have a golden beard, well in the right sort of light it is…).

The track seems very haunting; and Nina Simone and Slowdive work so well…

Golden Beard (aka My True Love Has a Golden Beard)

Parkspliced b-sides cover by Tim Baker
(covers for the project were also by myself!)

Godlife (off Parkspliced) (Blur vs Beach Boys)

Parkspliced cover - the dog's apparently called Rocco by the way

Parkspliced was a remix album in the vein of grey Album and London Booted…oh funny I mention that 😉 and I took on the title track ‘Parklife’ and added the Acapella of Doom itself, ‘God Only Knows’ by the Beach Boys.

Available here because it’s now not available anywhere else, it has some tuning issues but I still like it, in that ugly-child-kind-of-way…You should’ve heard what it could’ve been (Queens in the Park – George Michael ‘Outside’ vs Parklife!)

I think the ‘b’ side -‘Golden Beard’ released as ‘tbc’ and available here also was more successful. Oh and I did the album art which was a hit so I felt better for that – used on Boing Boing and a few other sites :-D)

GodLife (Beach Boys vs Blur)