Bootie pt one – TripleSpin (Marilyn Manson vs Dead or Alive vs Hi Tek 3 featuring Ya Kid K)


The next two were done for Bootie – I DJed at Bootie in San Francisco in September 2004, was a big thing for me, my first international gig and it went down well…which is good cos I was shitting myself. 😉

Triple Spin is so called because it comprises a trilogy of ‘Spin’ tunes – the I-Blame-The-Toitles classic ‘Spin That Wheel’ by Hi Tek 3 featuring Ya Kid K over the top of Marilyn Manson’s ‘Spin Me Round (Like A Record) ‘ and the Dead or Alive original mixed in for good measure. What is it with Marilyn and goth-guitar cover versions? Anyway this is one of my faves…and then follows…