Collaborations – DJFnoFno and InsToTomatic +2 Bonuses

Myself and DJNoNo don’t so collaborations as much as we should, but there was a challenge to do so – hence these tracks from DJFnoFno (fnogg and DJNoNo) and InsToTomatic (ToTom & Instamatic).

Also we have +2 Bonuses (Bonusii?) of lost tracks from DJNoNo.

DJ Fno Fno (fnogg and DJNoNo) Royals At The Gay Bar (Lorde vs Electric Six) collaboration mashup

I bring you: DJ Fno Fno! (Messrs fnogg & DJNoNo) and their Royals At The Gay Bar – Lorde – Royals vs Electric Six – Gay Bar for the Crumplbangers Challenge Collab Week. This got a special mention cos of the name 😉

Idea was from fnogg entirely, production was shared between them, passing Ableton Live projects back and forth a few times.

fnogg did the first rough demo pass with YT ripped stems, DJNoNo then recreated a HQ Electric Six instrumental from the stems with a totally new instrumental mix (we couldn’t find a HQ of the instrumental), and then edited it to the demo to fnogg’s template. He then added that and the Lorde and Gay bar vocals HQ stems to match and created the breakdown and ending which wasn’t in the demo.

fnogg then took it over and then redid the Gay bar timings and added more in, and did the drop/cutins and the whoops and basically made it 100% funnier. Passed it back to DJNoNo for final massaging, mastering, production and general faffing. 

Artwork was a shared collab too, with DJNoNo at the controls and input, advice and other concepts from fnogg.

DJ Fno Fno (fnogg and DJNoNo) Royals At The Gay Bar (Lorde vs Electric Six)

nsToTomatic (ToTom & Instamatic) - Alright Here Comes The Lollipop Police (Blondie vs Supergrass vs Police vs Eurythmics vs Wannadies vs Millie) collaboration mashup

Another mashup from the Crumplbanger Discord Collab challenge. This got 3rd place and “Best Multimash’ special mention 🙂

Us two? Doing multimashes? With our A vs B reputations?

Started as a demo from ToTom with just the Supergrass and Blondie and nothing for the verses or ending. Invaluably he had marked out the segments with key shifts, which was a great help with my lack of music theory.

After some Ableton Live tech woes where I had to sort of rebuild the project by pasting it into Ableton Live Lite a bit at a time (!), I added the others but there was a lot of back and forth swapping certain bits out, finding out what artists we hate 😉

Some artists came and went but it became a narrative theme multimash about obsessive love and we had a lot of fun with the call and response).

Production/mastering is my fault (and proved to me that I really should use my nicer headphones rather than the in-ear buds, it’s how I spotted that the original instrumental was out of phase!).

InsToTomatic (ToTom & Instamatic) – Alright Here Comes The Lollipop Police (Blondie vs Supergrass vs Police vs Eurythmics vs Wannadies vs Millie)

DJNoNo - Royal Tribes Go To War (Frankie Goes To Hollywood vs The Beef Seeds)

FIRST BONUS! Not a collaboration but a lost DJNoNo demo for a collaborative compilation.I rummaged around NoNo’s closet and this fell out. It was created for a bluegrass compilation that didn’t happen (?) and was rejected anyway cos they didn’t want covers or humour – it uses a cover of The Beef Seeds covering Lorde’s Royals – yes another Royals mashup – so was abandoned. Listening back it’s classic NoNo and works pretty well.

And given what’s happened to the royals and war since, weirdly prophetic.

DJNoNo – Royal Tribes Go To War (Frankie Goes To Hollywood vs The Beef Seeds)

DJNoNo - Oops Oh My Superman (Tweet vs Laurie Anderson)

DOUBLE BONUS! Another lost mashup – this time for a challenge, not sure whay he was thinking about when he made Laurie Anderson’s artpop O Superman into a twerking RnB sexy mess, but here we are. Tweet never sounded so….arty? It was an RnB challenge so I guess he thought it was funny. It works weirdly very well.

(“This is your mother” made me LOL for reals…I had forgotten that bit)

DJNoNo – Oops Oh My Superman (Tweet vs Laurie Anderson)

Back to YouTube – New Mashup Videos

I have neglected my old YouTube channel somewhat – I’ve done the odd Live stream but not many proper videos for my mashups. Feeling I should make some quick ones, and at first planning to just make simple artwork only videos, I got sucked into making visualisations, or simpler videos for my work. I have created 3 major videos in the past 24 hours, and two artwork ones. Here are the tbc ones, the Instamatic ones ar in another post.

I also haven’t been posting many of my works here or over at my mashup blog, just dumping them on Sowndhaus so good to dust them off and push them out there a bit more.

First up is American Dream Part 3 mashup (LCD Soundsystem vs Paul Simon vs Elvis vs Idlewild vs Suicide vs Taylor Swift vs MKTO) – but of course, this was the only one to get blocked, so a revisit to an old dusty Vimeo account as well!

All these videos are experiments in not using band or artist footage which tends to bring the blocks faster than you can say ‘Lego party’. I am using either longer shots or re-using footage and not getting too hung, or totally reframing the mashup with a new narrative.

And a simpler one, I found these falling leaves on Pexels so thought it was perfect for my ES vs ES mash, Autumn Man (Elliott Smith / Heatmiser vs Ed Sheeran). Surprised this hasn’t had more legs, it’s been mostly ignored – I preferred the Carpenters vs Elliott one but totally knew that the mood meshed perfectly with this one. I had a weird feeling it would be the one that would ‘fly’ but no, it’s the other one.which incidentally just got an artwork video.. Not sure that needs a full one.