Credits: Front Cover Inlay 1 original photo xraystyle (used and released under CC Share-A-Like license)
Original mural by Federico (Federico Archuleta) in Austin, TX.
Front cover Inlay 1 (the one below on the left) ONLY: Designed by Tim Baker (Share-A-Like), all other front/back cover design: Tim Baker (CC Attribution-No Derivative Works)
This One's For Joe: Punk Rock War Lord The Clash - This is Radio Clash (Dunproofin mix)
Celebrity Murder Party - Coma Girl Acid Test
World Famous Audio Hacker - White Riot (Chaos Island remix)
Bobby Martini - Too Busy Thinking About the Magnificent 7
Fukjamum - Trashed Apple
DJ Earlybird - Straight to the Hair Farmer
Instamatic - Willesden Blue Dubjamum - Strummed Donkey
Instamatic - Willesden Blue Dubjamum - Strummed Donkey
DJ Useo - Moody v. Thirteen
Ian Fondue - The Brooding Moon
Juxtaposeur - Jungle Appleseed
Juxtaposeur - Jungle Appleseed Instamatic - English Ghost
Brought to you by MutantPop and Radio Clash

In December 22nd 2002 the world lost a great man, musician and ambassador for rock n' roll, Joe Strummer.

As a tribute to Joe and the 5th anniversary of his death we present reinterpretations, remixes and mashups of great Strummer tracks, from The Clash to Mescaleros, solo work and even his work with Big Audio Dynamite. Hopefully we've represented the love of eclectic music he showed the world with a punk attitude, broadcasting on a pirate satellite ;-)

We hope you enjoy it - this is purely done for love of music and love of Joe, not for money, but please consider contributing to these charities
(of course they are not affiliated with this project in any way, they are just charities he supported or are continuing his legacy).

Future Forests

Thank you! And thanks to all who worked on this album.

Tim from Radio Clash Podcast