Best of 2021-2022 Albums from Instamatic, Captain Obvious, DJNoNo & tbc Bandcamp mashup compilations

Best of 2021-2022 Bandcamp Albums from Instamatic, Captain Obvious, DJNoNo & tbc

Best of 2021-2022 Albums from Instamatic, Captain Obvious, DJNoNo & tbc Bandcamp mashup compilations

It’s nearly Christmas so here’s your present (or booby prize? It’s that time of year, The Biannual Mashup Report! – I am releasing the last 2 years or so of mashups and plunderphonic experiments from Instamatic, Captain Obvious, DJNoNo & tbc on Bandcamp that aren’t on Black Block or the newly updated Xmas album….I did this exercise for all my mashup ‘career’ until the end 2020 and now it’s time for the update. This includes remasters, remakes and unreleased tracks.

And boy have we got a lot of mashups to pick from – many of them for Crumplbanger Discord challenges, so I have narrowed it down to 3 albums, one for each alias (Captain Obvious gets to bunk up with Instamatic – lucky him). I almost gave up making mashups during this period, a few times actually, but the challenges always drew me back…just one more…

The Instamatic and Captain Obvious 21/22 album is definitely where the party starts – although some downtempo moments, this is definitely pop, disco new and old and rock but not necessarily in the order you expect.

It contains a few of my favourites of my ‘career’ *cough – the Lido Bicep one, the collabs and reboots with ToTom and iWillBattle, getting to borrow the Weatherman’s booper (virtually speaking) for the U2 vs Genesis vs Negativland mash….and the messages in the Pride boots, at a very difficult time for us LGBTQ – and the messages to myself. Don’t Stop Making Your Kind of Music!

FIVE bonuses on this one.

Now thie 21/22 DJNoNo is the silly album, with cats, rude songs, bluegrass, collabs, big band jazz, drum and bass, arabic disco, shanty n’ bass, ska, Aint Half Hot Mum, Englebert Humperdinck, cheesy disco, little red and depressed robots and Ken Dodd. What else is there, really?

Some of these tracks have been remastered or remade, like the Cure vs Happy Hardcore (Hardcure) one, new for 2022 – well what’s left of it. Some of these tracks are unreleased, or been released on compilations so not appeared anywhere else.

And there are FOUR bonuses, two of them previously unreleased! Err, bonus!

The tbc 21/22 album is the one I am most proud of, but probably will get the least attention because moody mashes and emotional tracks sadly don’t get the love of silly crumpl mashups or dancefloor/pop bangers. But this is the personal one, the one made for me, the eternally 3am mashup album.

We have everything from pop vs pop and Bootie Top ten featured mashups, to soundtrack and video game mashups to experimental drone pieces and plunderphonic sound collages, even a conceptual trilogy, and the whole thing loops around, starting on the same song mashed two different ways.

And SIX bonuses! It’s long, more like a double album but worth it.

You can download these all on my bandcamp!


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