Stripper Jackson (Michael Jackson vs Joe Loss)

Return of DJ No – Stripper Jackson (Michael Jackson vs Joe Loss)

Stripper Jackson (Michael Jackson vs Joe Loss)

In support of dat mighty King of Pop up on kiddie-fiddler charges, yeah Joe Loss, I’ve created dis mash wiv sum bloke called Michael Jackson. ???
Never heard of im, but ahm sure ill do well, especially if e stays away from dem kiddiez…like tha SK1llzMaster J-Loss did! Have you ever heard J-Loss From Da Block? Classick!

So free Joe Loss! im innocent, I tell ya!

This is part of da minty-fresh nu No sound (Accordions wuz tha nu Rock n Roll, but that SO old, ya kno?) and the new EP out soon – ‘Cha Cha is the New Rock n Roll’ and dis is the 1st install-e-ment as dey say in abroad like in Franz. Or whatever.

oi! here is: Stripper Jackson (Joe Loss ‘The Stripper’ vz Michael Jackson ‘The Way You make me Feel’, it sez ere)

have a good ‘un

DJ No.


One response to “Return of DJ No – Stripper Jackson (Michael Jackson vs Joe Loss)”

  1. João Figueiredo avatar


    I heard for the first time your music(just loose the acordia) in a portuguese radio’s morning show(you can listen the radio at: and the morning show is “Há vida em Markl”) about 4 or 5 months ago, and sudnley, everyone got crazy about that mighty sound!! Sometime later, we heard the mix you did with Michael Jackson, and it was awsome too!! You do such a great job, you’re an excelent DJ!!!

    Just keep going!!! 😉

    P.S. – Where can i find some more musics from you? =)

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