• DJNoNo – Ballroom remastered, big band jazz vs hip-hop

    DJNoNo – Ballroom remastered, big band jazz vs hip-hop

    Ballroom EP (2015) by DJNoNo An Xmas Eve treat – a remastered lossless version of DJNoNo’s 2015 Ballroom EP, my silly concept ‘album’ mixing big band jazz, exotica, latin jazz, easy listening, bossa nova, cha cha, samba, swing, space age etc with hip-hop and rhythm and blues. It was supposed to be the first DJNoNo […]

  • DJNoNo @ Crumplstock 2020

    DJNoNo @ Crumplstock 2020

    aahoy m8eeys! NoNo No NOOOOOO! I am ALIVE! No COVEFE-19 shiz wiv me! COUGH COUGH oh noes… Just bin hiding on me topical aisland, wiv my botty treizure and faxxing a pile of hot steaming meeja to Crinklestuck 1820 or summat which ya can hear below. Boom Boom INNA DA NAPOLEON! DOWNLOAN HERZEZ: CrumplStock 2020: […]

  • Final Mashups #4 – DJNoNo – Ballroom

    Final Mashups #4 – DJNoNo – Ballroom

    Planned 10 years ago, the Ballroom EP (now album) has been a long time coming…two of the tracks were released (here in a remastered or better quality form) but the rest laid in the Unfinished folder. Mixing ballroom music – big band, jazz, bossa nova, exotica, swing, easy listening and classical pops – with hip […]