• Weeknd vs Fez / Disasterpeace

    Weeknd vs Fez / Disasterpeace

    It was a Video Game Challenge last week, and I had fun messing with the music of various games. One of the few games I totally fell in love with and was obsessed by for months if not years was Fez, the 2D/3D platformer from 2012. A big part of that was the music. The […]

  • Ghost Rats (B. Dolan vs Ghost vs Zeropoint)

    Ghost Rats (B. Dolan vs Ghost vs Zeropoint)

    Although this mashup of B.Dolan’s ‘Rats Get Fat’ and Ghost’s ‘Rats’ was originally created about the COVID-19 pandemic and started two months ago it seems oddly appropriate about #blackoutuesday and #blacklivesmatter and the riots going on in the States. Compared to my last one my hope has become anger over the lockdown – it is […]

  • Welcome to tbc’s blog

    Welcome to tbc’s blog

    Here I (Tim aka Instamatic) put the more quiet reflective chilled boots I’ve done under the google and soulseek-busting name of ‘tbc’