tbc vs Captain Obvious - Last Christmas Heroes (Wham vs David Bowie) mashup video

Last Christmas Heroes (Wham vs David Bowie) video

Another christmas ‘present’ is a video for my Last Christmas Heroes mashup – a lot of ‘fun’ doing this since Davinci Resolve kept crashing, not sure if it’s cos it’s the latest version or the snow particles I was playing with – the Heroes video works really well with snow!

Sadly it’s blocked on YouTube atm, because of the other video – Heroes was fine EDIT: with some editing shenanigans, I got it on YouTube!

And yes there is some of David’s Snowman intro in there, oh how I like to edit ‘wrong’ video to say the right words, which I had to do a LOT cos the David Bowie video is the single edit and only around 2-3 mins long….so he doesn’t sing the bits I used from the album version.

So had to ‘match’ them to other bits…painstakingly.


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